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Gerresheimer Shuangfeng is a high-level Pharmaceutical Packaging Company invested by Shuangfeng Glass and Gerresheimer Group GmbH. Shuangfeng is a preeminent pharmaceutical packaging company in China and Gerresheimer Group GmbH is a global leading supplier in pharmaceutical packaging industry. We have two companies separately located in Zhenjiang and Danyang—Shuangfeng Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. (Zhenjiang) and Shuangfeng Glass Co., Ltd. (Danyang) with three production sites (two in Danyang and one in Zhenjiang). We have been devoted to research, developing and manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical packaging products for more than 20 years, and have provided outstanding service for pharmaceutical customers all over the China.

Gerresheimer Shuangfeng mainly produces injection vials, siliconized vials, ampoules and cartridges with ideal hydrolytic resistance, resistance to thermal, shock, freeze, acid and alkali and outstanding tolerance. They are the first choice of pharmaceutical packaging for biologics, lyophilization, vaccines and blood preparation. Every year we provide innovative products and solutions for more than 300 domestic and international customers, most of who are famous pharmaceutical enterprises and are using millions of our products everyday. With markets having spread over Asia, America and Eastern Europe, we will work on research and development of high quality pharmaceutical packaging products, aiming to achieve product upgrade and overseas market expansion, and to be an important member in global pharmaceutical packaging industry.

With more than 900 employees, more than 100 lines, more than 40,000 square meters production area, 100,000 grades cleaning room and advanced test center, Gerresheimer Shuanfeng is working with other pharmaceutical packaging companies for the stimulation of manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical packaging products. We will make effort in the research, develop and manufacturing of high quality pharmaceutical packaging products, making contributions to the upgrade and development of pharmaceutical packaging industry in China.
  Management Characteristics

National Brand” being priority: As a Chinese national pharmaceutical manufacturer, in order to keep the right to speak and the value of a national enterprise, Shuangfeng Glass adheres to the “four basic lines”: (1) The foreign party cannot appraise technology as capital stock; (2) We cannot abandon “Shuangfeng” brand; (3) The foreign party cannot restrict our markets; (4) Management team should be localized. Gerresheimer not only accepted the “four basic lines”, but also promised to introduce the most advanced technology and scientific management system into Shuangfeng. They also train our Chinese employees abroad. Now this joint-venture has the right to sell products in global market using “Shuangfeng” brand through Gerresheimer’s existing global business channel. 

Own Brand” being upgraded: Shuangfeng Brand enjoys a good reputation and high recognition in China pharmaceutical packaging industry. In today’s middle and high quality pharmaceutical glass packaging products, our price is about 30% higher in average than similar products made by other manufacturers in China, but you could find that there is at least one Shuangfeng product in every ten products. Now Shuangfeng Glass can quickly upgrade its own brand and strengthen its production capacity through a strategic co-operation with Gerresheimer, who is a world-famous pharmaceutical packaging supplier.   

Technologic advantage” being strengthened: In domestic market, “Shuangfeng”

products represent a industry standard, with the defect rate of 1‰, which almost no one can reach. Having been approved by state authorities related and pharmaceutical packaging association, with support from National Institute for Pharmaceutical & Biological Control and Shanghai Institute for Pharmaceutical & Biological Control , Shuangfeng is working to build the first state-level Pharmaceutical Packaging Test Center. This project is scheduled to finish before the end of this year, and it will then provide test service for domestic pharmaceutical packaging companies.


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